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We need to find ways to get better results,

in the fight to limit global warming

          This website is part of an effort to help people make better, stronger, and more compelling arguments, if they are trying to help slow down global warming.

          As such, it contains and combines two very different things:

          (i) a careful and limited selection of hard, solid, provable facts, as part of an effort to get people to reduce the clutter, and focus on a "core" set of "MACRO-facts" that the public and all politicians need to understand; and,

          (ii) proposals for strategies and tactics which may be able to help move the arguments forward, and give them more power and momentum.

          And, it is an attempt to put “first draft” material – which will need review and editing – in front of people who are qualified to help plan, organize, and create one or more "Strategy Councils", to help figure out the best strategies (and to compile and organize the strongest and most compelling facts), in their efforts to improve the quality, and increase the weight and impact, of any pleas, appeals, or arguments that are made to politicians, political candidates, voters, business leaders, and others who may not be fully convinced, yet, that they seriously need to join the efforts to help slow down global warming.

          Nothing herein is intended to criticize or belittle anyone who is already working for good, and trying to help slow down global warming. Instead, the blame falls entirely, and heavily, on paid disrupters, professional liars, and others who have turned themselves into fronts, mouth-whores, or whatever, in the hope of getting money, attention, likes and followers on social media, and maybe even power.

          However, there can be no doubt that those who are telling the truth, and trying their best to accomplish good things, truly wish they could accomplish more, in terms of real-world results. They already know, all too well, that they – or, we – need to find ways to improve, strengthen, and sharpen their/our strategies, tactics, and command of the best and most convincing arguments that can be made. “The proof is in the performance”; and the angry, relentless, and rapidly increasing destruction that is already being caused and increased, by climate change, is screaming loudly, and telling us that the things that environmental advocates have been trying to do, for years and even decades, simply have not worked adequately to reduce carbon emissions and slow the progression of global warming, in quantities large enough to control or even significantly reduce the weather and climate catastrophes that are growing worse every year.

          Therefore, those who understand the destruction coming at us, and who want to at least try to help, need to begin trying, testing, developing, and implementing stronger and better-focused tactics, tools, and teachings, if we hope for even a chance to offer a decent and livable world to our children, and grandchildren.

          So . . . this website has three main goals:

          (i) it urges climate activists to focus their efforts and communications on a limited number of specific facts, which communities and networks of environmental advocates need to sort through, evaluate, and debate among themselves, as part of a process of choosing the five or perhaps six most important facts, which every intelligent and informed person – and every candidate for Congress, or the Presidency – should know about, and be able to explain, to voters, in their own words;

          (ii) after describing eight nominees, as "These are the most important facts on this planet, as of now", it proposes – as a first draft, for review by others – a number of new and different strategies, tactics, tools, and approaches that might be adopted, by climate activists who want their efforts to lead to more and better actual and useful results;

          (iii) it proposes the creation of a new organization (or, better yet, a network of cooperating organizations), which can be called “The Global Warming Strategy Council” (or any other descriptive name), which hopefully will bring some of the best minds and best workers together, to consider various strategic and tactical proposals, and to endorse, throw their support behind, possibly provide “prime the pump” financing for, and help gain public recognition and awareness of, those specific strategies that the council endorses, adopts, and believes can actually help do some good.


          The Facts section comes first, just as the facts should come first, in any "argument" which is intended to actually prove a point, and/or persuade a listener or reader. After the first page describes what "MACRO-facts" are (and why "paid disrupters" are the enemy of any useful progress), the second page contains a listing of the eights facts that are nominated herein as "The Most Important Facts on this Entire Planet, as of now", with a 2-3 sentence summary, and a button which will take any reader to the which describes that fact in more detail.

          The next section – which can be reached directly, by clicking the "Good Science" button in the footer, on any page – describes what is wrong, and horribly misguided, misleading, and destructive about one of the main arguments politicians use to delay and deny the need to act responsibly to help slow down global warming. Far too many Republican politicians say that science has not yet proven the bad things that are going to happen, if we do not control global warming, and because science cannot even prove that it is really a problem, or that humans are causing it, it would be irresponsible to throw trillions of dollars at problems that even the experts don't yet adequately understand. That evasion seems realistic, and responsible, to some people, because they do not adequately understand an absolutely crucial factor, about science:


Science cannot "PROVE" anything  not anything  if that thing has not yet happened.


          As a crude example, science cannot even PROVE that the sun is going to rise in the east, tomorrow morning. It can PREDICT that that will happen, with 100% total certainty, because of how the planet's rotation and momentum work; however, it cannot PROVE that something WILL happen, if it has not yet happened.

         Instead, the true power of science comes from its ability to accurately predict what will happen.

          It becomes easier to understand that statement, when one realizes that every single manufacturing operation that is performed, anywhere on this entire planet, is based on a prediction, rather than proof. "I am willing to bet money that if I put these chemicals, into this machine, and then provide the right amount of power to this machine, then it will turn these chemicals into a valuable product that I can sell." That is not PROOF that this next cycle, of running this machine, will indeed succeed; instead, it is only a prediction, based on knowing what that machine has consistently done, in the past, over hundreds or thousands of cycles.

          In addition, the section on science explains – with illustrations, and at a level written for non-experts – how and why the inside of a car gets hotter than outside, if a car is left sitting in the summer sun, with all the windows rolled up. It is a direct and straight-forward principle; it is the very same principle which is causing carbon dioxide and methane to be making the entire planet hotter; and, it offers one of the best questions that a voter, interviewer, or debate moderator can ask, of any political candidate, to find out how much that candidate actually knows, about global warming, and whether that person is just bluffing and pretending, to try to hide an appalling and shameful level of ignorance about one of the most important things happening in the world – this year, next year, the year after that, and all of the years and decades after that, for at least the next 1000 years.


          Finally, a number of proposed strategies, which climate activists should seriously consider adopting and using, also are described below, in a section that opens by clicking the “Strategies” button, in the “footer” along the bottom of any page in this website. They're listed and briefly summarized on the first page of that section, and a button is provided next to each summary, so that anyone can jump to any specific proposal.


          One of the major proposals involves calling for Congress to hold hearings, where several facts – facts that are well-known to experts – can be forced out into the open, where everyone can see them, and where every member of Congress can be forced to at least acknowledge them. As just one example, the U.S. Navy knows, full well, that ocean levels around the planet rose by 8 inches, just in the 100 years, between 1917 and 2017. Why THOSE years, in specific? Because 1917 was the year when the US Navy began a massive rebuilding of all of their harbors and bases, partly to prepare for World War I, and partly to update their ships from coal-powered steam engines, to diesel engines. However, the Navy does NOT not want to talk about that “8 inches in 100 years” number, openly and in public, because that would embarrass and irritate Republicans in Congress, who might threaten their budgets. So, they keep quiet about that terrible warning, and that silence enables people like Donald Trump to tell millions of voters that global warming is only expected to raise the oceans by 1/8th of an inch, in 300 years – an outright lie. The only way to effectively combat those types of lies, is for Congress to hold open, public, and widely publicized hearings. Since any such hearings should specifically and directly address at least seven or eight distinct topics, the proposal for Congressional hearings is set off into its own separate section, with a button in the footer.

Who wrote this? And why? What is their goal?

Anyone who wants to know who created this website, and what their credentials are, can get more info by clicking this button:

There also is a “Contact Us” button, in the footer. For safety and security, the information boxes that will open, on that page, will only accept text and numbers, and will not allow any file, of any sort, to be attached to your message. If you want to send us something – such as an attached file with important information, something of value, or an offer to cooperate and collaborate with us – give us a description of what the attachment will be, in the largest box that will open on that page. We will get back to you, if we want to receive that file, or if we want to know more about you, and why you contacted us.


          Anything on this website (excluding two things, listed below) can be used, with no royalty or other payment obligations, by anyone who can honestly claim that they are using it to try to help slow down global warming, if they will follow, respect, and abide by, the normal rules of attribution, and giving credit where due. The authors are not trying to make money, in any way, from this website; instead, they are only trying to help create better living conditions, for their (and everyone else's) kids and grandkids.

          The two exclusions are:

          (1) pictures (other than obviously "home-made" graphs). If they were not created by the author, then obviously, they do not belong to us. It is hoped and believed that the use of any photos herein falls within the "fair use" provision of the copyright laws. If the owner of any such photograph objects to this use, please contact us, and it will be removed and replaced; and,

          (2) the proposal for a TV series (with the working title "Because We Ignored All The Warnings"), and the story-line proposals set forth on the webpages reached by the "TV Show Proposal" button in the footer. Those need to remain copyrighted, and protected, to have a chance to persuade a creative team to begin working on that project.

          To help good people use anything in this site, this entire site will soon be turned into something that can be downloaded, in either MS Word or PDF format, using the buttons at the bottom of this page.

Soon  after it has been reviewed and critiqued by some objective, impartial outsiders  this W button will download this entire site, in MS Word format

Soon  after it has been reviewed and critiqued by objective, impartial outsiders  this PDF button will download this entire site, as a pdf file

If anyone would like to become an "objective and impartial reviewer", they are invited to send us an initial contact, via the "Contact Us" page (linked in the footer, directly below).

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