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Rather than allowing our arguments to be side-tracked, side-stepped, avoided, entangled, and diluted by useless distractions, we need to show discipline, and keep the focus on “MACRO-facts” (i.e., facts that have global importance, and which will affect everyone).

          Those who try to deny that global warming is real, man-made, or truly threatening, will try to weave misleading cherry-picked statistics, unimportant distractions, and even falsehoods, into arguments which will be designed, not to actually prove anything, or actually win arguments, but to create clutter and distractions, with the intent of stalling, delaying, and diluting any effective actions that might help actually reduce the problems we are facing.

          However, there are a number of crucial, world-wide, world-changing "macro-facts" that cannot be denied, without resorting to outright lies. The entire first section, of this website, was an attempt to nominate 8 such facts, as "the crucial and central facts that every voter should know, before they vote, and every political candidate should expect to be asked about. 

          Those selections are merely "nominations", and I urge, invite, and encourage ANY climate activist, and ANY climate advocacy group, to debate them, check out whether they are true, and try to nominate and describe any other, MORE important facts which THEY would like to nominate, and bring to the attention of the public, and of political candidates.


          Climate change deniers cannot refute or overcome thee facts, and they cannot deny them without telling outright lies.

          So, they use different tactics; they try to deflect, distract, and turn peoples' attention to other, much-less-important, relatively trivial factoids.

          Therefore, people who want to explain why global warming is such a huge threat, need to keep pulling and directing attention back to huge, crucial, world-changing "macro-facts", instead of letting the deniers deflect, sidestep, evade, and dance away from the hard truths they don't want people to know or understand.


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