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We must explain – and keep the public’s focus on – a limited and manageable number of facts that every intelligent person can remember, without straining, and without resentment.

          Most environmental advocates are all too ready to explain – in more depth and detail than most listeners want to hear (or, be forced to listen to, or be lectured about) – dozens, and dozens, and even more dozens of facts.

          Why? Because they hope and believe that a large, well-assembled mass of facts will both: (i) prove their mastery of the subject; and, (ii) weave such a compelling, well-told story that listeners will be persuaded, and even moved, by hearing how all those facts have been woven together, so skillfully.

          However, judging from the real-world results, that approach has not worked.

          Instead, efforts to help slow down global warming need to be re-thought, and re-structured, to make them more like a successful marketing campaign, trying to sell a product or service.

          There are powerful (even compelling) reasons why effective marketing campaigns hammer – again and again – on a small number of crucial facts, suited for single-minute television ads, rather than explanations that are as long as feature articles in high-brow magazines (which very few people will read).

          The networks and organizations of people trying to slow down global warming should formally (and, with maximal announcements, publicity, and PR support) launch a program to choose, focus upon, and begin explaining, to the public – repeatedly, consistently, and even relentlessly – a limited number of carefully selected "MACRO-facts" (as defined on the prior page).

          The people who wrote this website do NOT want to try to control any such evaluation and selection process; all we want, in those discussions, is a voice, and a vote. To try to earn a place in that room, and a seat at that table, we have done our best to gather together, sort through, and summarize, in this website, what we regard as the eight most important macro-facts of global warming. We hereby nominate them, for consideration by any organized group or network of concerned people who will try to begin moving in the direction of better focus, and better concentration, in their efforts to reach and persuade the general public about the need to begin doing more, to try to slow down global warming and sea level rise.

          BTW, we do NOT ask or recommend that all eight of the facts in my summaries be included in a final set. Instead, we suggest limiting the number of chosen high-profile facts to only 5, or possibly 6. That would help create and sustain more pressure upon, and attention to, the ones that are chosen.

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