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We need to select, announce, and drive into the public consciousness, a grim and awful prediction that will gain wide attention and publicity, and trigger open and public debates about whether it is indeed likely to happen, and if so, what the timing will be.

          Somehow or another, people who want to protect the planet need to find ways to cut through the tactics used by politicians to avoid having to make hard decisions. So, our proposal is this: the most promising, high-potential, and best chance that we have, to cut through the stalling and word-game tactics that too many politicians use – to avoid facing up to real, serious, and even horrible threats coming at us because of global warming – is by adopting and using this tactic:


            (i) make a single, targeted, limited prediction, which focuses on a single specific area, and which sounds so unsettling, dramatic, disruptive, and almost bizarre, that it begins gathering enough attention, and headlines, to force people to begin taking sides on whether or not they think that prediction is valid, reasonable, and likely to be true; and, then,

             (ii) bring in some genuine experts, to begin describing and explaining, in detail, what they believe and anticipate about that prediction, and what they think the time frame will be.


            In our assessment, Florida appears to be the best focal point, for predictions that may be able to shake things up, to a point where more people will begin to seriously ask and think about the predictions and arguments on both sides, and about which side is being more honest. This becomes especially true, as this is being written in the first half of 2023, when the two most talked-about Republican contenders for President -- Donald and Ronald -- were BOTH from Florida. They both still live there, and they both still have power there. So, let's ask them some direct and pointed questions, about what is going to happen in Florida, and to Florida, not over the coming 100 years, but over the coming 30 years. 

          Those contributors who have studied environmental science, and who actually understand the facts about global warming at the level set forth in the "Facts" section of this website, offer this as a serious prediction about ‘The Future of Florida’:


The Future of Florida


            Based on our work, studies, and level of understanding as scientists and/or engineers, we hereby predict that, within less than 35 years (with 2024 as the first of those 35 years), the coastal regions of Florida will be rendered more than 90% unlivable, by sea level rise. Property values along the Florida coast – which amount to trillions of dollars in 2024 values – will drop by somewhere in the range of 95-98%, within less than 35 years (probably within less than 30 years, or even just 20 years), as people are forced to witness and reckon with the unmistakable and unstoppable onslaught, once the damage truly begins and then accelerates. Within 40 years, nearly all homes and apartments along the Atlantic coast of Florida will have to be abandoned (Florida’s Gulf coast likely will follow, within about 10 years or less, after that); and, at least 10 million people (out of a current population of about 22 million) will be forced into ‘refugee’ status, driven northward and/or inland, having no significant savings or assets beyond a car (or possibly two), and whatever they are able to carry in that car (or two).

          The only people who will remain behind – in Florida – will be radical outliers, outlaws, and ‘frontiersmen’ who choose to live lifestyles that are completely and totally different from ‘normal’ Americans. Rather than paying rent or taxes, the people who remain in Florida, or who move to Florida willingly, will defy any and all outside authorities, and will challenge anyone to come and take any rent or tax money from them, if they think they can. Violent gangs will form, as a substitute for severely broken (or totally abandoned) government and law enforcement services, and their members will claim to be pioneers who are performing valuable services for America, and for all countries, by figuring out, and showing everyone else, how some type of semi-functional remnant society can be organized, and managed, in the areas that have had to be abandoned.

          In addition, at some point in the process, people will begin bombing and destroying bridges or other “choke-points” on the major north-south highways (or, they will attack and disable trucks and cars on those highways, to create barriers to travel without damaging the roads themselves), thereby rendering those highways unable to carry more refugees. This might be done by violent gangs that intend to remain in Florida, in order to give them more valuable items they can plunder and steal; it might be done by people who live in states north of Florida, who do not want their already-stressed and struggling states and communities to have to begin taking care of (and have to begin paying the huge costs of taking care of) literally millions of broke, hungry, unwanted, and very, very angry and embittered refugees from Florida; or, it might be done by a military enemy of the U.S. (Russia, China, Iran, etc., although no country will stand up and take responsibility), during a major crisis (such as when a massive hurricane is approaching), in order to maximize the damage that will be inflicted on the U.S., and in order to show the world that the U.S. government is beginning to waver, wobble, and topple, and cannot protect its citizens.


            Okay, then. Without wanting to seem sarcastic or flippant about the disasters that are coming to Florida, we hope the above is unsettling enough, and disturbing enough, to provoke various people (such as reporters, talk radio hosts, TV hosts, debate moderators, etc.) to at least begin asking, `Is this real? Is this serious? Does anyone else, other than THEM, think things like these might actually HAPPEN, in real life?’

          And then, when experts who genuinely understand global warming begin standing up and saying, `Not only is it possible, it is actually becoming probable, then THAT added weight and momentum will become `the tipping point’ which will be enough to enable, and push forward, a serious and ongoing dialogue (and, hopefully, a set of Congressional hearings), about what is going to happen, to Florida, over the coming decades.

            This prediction is accompanied by a plea (described in more detail; see the button in the footer) for Congress to hold at least SOME hearings on global warming, during 2024, so that voters can make better-informed decisions, when they must cast their votes in the 2024 elections.

            Regardless of whether Congress decides to hold any such hearings in 2024, we hereby ask, invite, welcome, and urge any climate expert – or any military officer (especially from the U.S. Navy) – anywhere in the world, to step up and state, as your first and opening comment about the prediction above, where you stand, in terms of your opinions about the time frames set forth above, for “The Future of Florida”. That will help any moderators of any such discussions figure out where to position and classify you, along the spectrum of advocates for an entire range of positions and beliefs, as follows:

           (1) Anyone who says it will happen even faster than the timetable above, can be initially placed in an “alarmist” category.

           (2) Anyone who says it will NEVER happen, can be placed in a “total denial” category.

          (3) And, my suggestion would be that anyone who says something like, ‘Guesses about time frames are not that important, because the prediction itself is horrible, and yet realistic, to a point that deserves serious consideration without getting too distracted by guesses about probable timing,’ should be placed into some sort of “moderate” category.

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