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We need to teach politicians, and others, that science cannot PROVE anything that has not yet happened. Instead, science can only PREDICT future events.

            This proposal focuses on ways to help people (and politicians) better understand how and why the science behind global warming is so badly and frequently misrepresented, by "paid disrupters" who get paid (mainly by industry sources, right-wingers, etc.) to inject and create confusion, clutter, delay, and inaction, which will be specifically designed to stall, delay, or prevent any effective action in slowing it down. 

          The best way to fight those misrepresentations is to help more people recognize and understand two crucial things: 


          (1) When performed and/or described properly, good science (and good scientists) openly and readily admit that they cannot PROVE what will happen in the future, since nothing which has not yet happened, can be "proved". Instead, future events can only be "predicted". However, if good, acccurate, useful and reliable predictions can be created and shared, they can be extraordinarily helpful and valuable.

          As just one example, every manufacturing operation that is ever done, anywhere in the world, at any factory of any sort, is based, not on PROOF that it will indeed work, but only on a PREDICTION that it will work.

          We risk our lives on predictions, every day, and in dozens or even hundreds of ways. Every time I get into a car, to go somewhere, I am entrusting my very life, and the entire remainder of my life on this planet, to nothing more than a mere "prediction" that – if I pay attention, stay observant, and don't take stupid risks – I will arrive where I hope to arrive. That is the role that "predictions" play in life, so it is totally unrealistic to gamble and risk the entire future of all humanity on utterly unsuited and unrealistic requirements for "proof, rather than merely predictions."


          (2) Despite the above, there are (and always will be) conniving, dishonest, opportunist politicians who will try to shirk, evade, and dance away from their responsibility to do what is right and good, by making bogus statements such as, "Since science cannot even prove it's going to happen, I'm not going to spend taxpayers' money to keep it from happening." People who use that evasion are not even trying to understand what the science actually says, or how it works. Instead, they are recklessly, stupidly, and malevolently ignoring and mocking every reasonable and realistic warning that the entire scientific community has been giving, for nearly 60 years (the first report by a Presidential Commission, which directly and explicitly warned everyone about the threats and dangers of global warming, was issued in 1965). And, they are doing so with an utterly appalling and deeply disturbing determination to simply ignore all the climate developments of the past few years, which are screaming at us that the scientists were right, about global warming, all along. The actions of those types of politicians are not competent or responsible leadership, in any way; instead, those actions are the utter and exact opposite of competent and responsible leadership.

          There is more about what is "good" science, versus bad and misleading pseudo-science, HERE.

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