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Apologies if the method below seems impersonal, but we need to protect ourselves.

Please do not bother trying to send any attachment, of any sort, in an initial contact.

If you want us to see something in specific, let us know where we can find it.

And, if we do open the lines of communication with someone . . . 

we are all-too-aware that the types of people who can be fooled into

actually believing that global warming is all just a hoax, are also very much

the types of people who can be convinced that lying, treachery, and death-threats

are good and useful competitive strategies, which can and should be used

to stop, or even just slow down, anyone who disagrees with them.

So, in case anyone might be lying to us, to gain our trust . . .

anything that anyone sends us – AFTER they have gone through the process of

contacting us, and asking us to get in touch with them, and then promising that they are sincere –

will be downloaded only onto a thumb drive, in an old and cheap computer

with almost no software on it, and with a copy of the operating system

(on a DVD disc which cannot be altered) at the ready, in case we need to

wipe that hard drive, and re-install the operating system,

because some mentally-disturbed person managed to sneak some hate-ware into our system.

That is a simple, basic precaution we would suggest, for anyone who wants to

propose, or work on, anything that might offend

the types of people who can be fooled into believing that "global warming" is just a hoax.

Use this form to contact us, if you wish to open a line of communication between us.

Thanks for your interest

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