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"Who wrote this website? And, why is he (or, them)

using (hiding behind?) a pseudonym?"

          This is a collective effort, but, it also has a "primary draftsman," who compiled and formatted various contributions so that they can all fit together, in this website. For now  during the startup stage of this website the "primary draftsman" has chosen to use a pseudonym, or stage name, or pen name, or username (or any other similar phrase). There are half a dozen reasons for that decision, and some of those reasons are briefly summarized below.

          That pen name is Sherwood B. Nice. Why THAT name? Because it sounds exactly like the phrase, "sure would be nice." As in, "It sure would be nice, if we could figure out a way to climb out of this mess we've created."

         Rather than focusing on any one person, please understand that the collaborators include each and all of the following:

          1. at least one scientist – i.e., someone who does not claim to know absolute truth, but who understands and uses the type of research, analysis, discussion, and experiments that offer the best chance of making actual and useful progress, in the search for truth;


          2. at least one engineer – i.e., someone who, rather than engaging in an endless search for truth, wants to use whatever is already known, to build some new type of structure or system that will be useful, helpful, efficient, durable, and valuable;


          3. at least one inventor, with multiple patents to his name  – i.e., the kind of person who looks at unsolved problems, as opportunities to try to figure out better ways to do things.

          4. at least one attorney – i.e., someone who has learned to accept and work within a system where laws, courts, and legislatures are never-ending battlegrounds between greed versus justice, where neither side will ever be able to truly defeat and vanquish the other side.

          5. at least one patent attorney – i.e., someone who has spent decades, learning how to do the things that need to be done, when someone with a new and useful idea needs help in figuring out what to do with that idea.

          6. at least one teacher  – i.e., someone who has taught, at a major university.


And . . . so . . . why use a pseudonym?

          Because -- for those who haven't seen them yet – some of the predictions, such as about what is going to happen to Florida, over the next 30 years; and, some of the proposals for TV shows in the proposed series, "Because We Ignored All The Warnings"; and, some of the criticisms leveled directly at Republican politicians, for what they have done to deliberately ignore every warning, in order to gather more campaign contributions – are going to seem radical and offensive to people who want to claim and pretend that global warming isn't real, or serious, or caused by humans, or whatever. And there are enough trolls, hate-mongers, and aggressors, in those groups, to merit some basic, common-sense precautions, to try to deflect and sidestep at least some of what they will try to do, to threaten, and try to intimidate and silence, anyone who disagrees with them.

So, who is it, REALLY?

          Anyone who seriously tries, can find out who wrote this. And, his private personal name will be splashed out, and held up as a target for anyone who disagrees with anything in this site. So, if you don't know it yet, just be patient. It will come out, soon enough.

          Until then, the basic guideline is this: the person who is using the "nom-de-net" of Sherwood B. Nice plans and intends to use it, as a simple way to gauge, and quickly identify, those who are willing to treat him with respect, versus those who wish him ill. If you use the SBN name, he will respond with respect, gratitude, and appreciation. By contrast, if you insist on trying to "out" him, and tell more and more trolls and meanies where and how to find him, he will regard you as an adversary, and respond defensively, and uncooperatively.

          It really is a simple, binary, digital choice. Either a one, or a zero. On, or off. So, choose one, and be grateful that YOU get to be the one who gets to choose which name to use.

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